We are now on "Puppy Watch"!

We are expecting Bobbin/Ivan puppies as early as May 20th, possibly a few days later


we are expecting Taffy/Ivan puppies as early as May 31st, and into June. 

These are first litters for both Bobbin and Taffy, and we are pretty darned excited to see the puppies. Both Taffy and Bobbin are super affectionate, smart, and athletic girls. Bobbin's favorite trick is to jump up into your arms and hang onto your shoulder.  Ivan rules the roost around here, is a great watch dog........when he's not wanting to snuggle in your lap. 

All three (Bobbin, Taffy & Ivan) have a good hunting instinct.  They are also great companions, love attention, and are certainly adaptable. Their pups should be similar, and we believe the pups should mature in the 20-30 lb range.  

Our puppies will be ready to go to their new homes, when they are 6-8 weeks old, provided they are eating dry kibble, drinking fresh water, and acting like active rough-housing pups. Before they leave, they will be following on walks, coming when we call them (to "pup-pup"), loving attention and snuggles. We are excited to see the new pups!


Our seven Jazz/Riddle puppies (born January 31, 2018) have found homes in: Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Montana, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Tennessee, not ONE in the same state. Three of the pups got to enjoy plane rides!  

          Boogie at 5 weeks, out on her first walk    

        Boogie at 5 weeks, out on her first walk



The puppies went out for their first walk on March 9th. We all had a blast! Boogie showed herself to be brave and interested in the world around her. She found new smells, and learned to follow. We strive to raise puppies that naturally follow you on walks or stay with you when you are outside, we don't like to have puppies that run off in the opposite direction. After all, part of their job is to be YOUR best buddy!




To date, you will find our pups in Wyoming, Montana, California, Colorado, Idaho, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, Utah, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Oregon and Nebraska.

We do ship puppies by plane out of the Casper, Wyoming airport. We also will transport puppies for a fee to help with gas, especially if we can combine trips!  In this 2018 Jazz/Riddle litter, we have pups flying to Nashville, TN, Minneapolis, MN, and Savannah, GA. If you live anywhere near those cities, you have hit the jackpot, since the transport cost will be very reasonable!

We are also happy to take your name and contact information, and let you know about upcoming litters. A deposit will "hold" either a male or female from a future litter.  

Past puppies, now in their new homes.......

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