Our boarding facility is unlike most others. We only have 5 indoor kennels that we can use for boarding, since the rest of our indoor kennels are occupied by our very own Rat Terriers. You can be assured your dogs will get plenty of attention, and as much outdoor exercise as they can handle!

We have large kennels inside (which become your dog's "home" during their stay) and lots of room outside for your pups to run and play during the day. The outdoor kennels feel more like backyards, than dog runs. Your pups make lasting friendships through the fences, and each play area has obstacles to run through, jump on or around, and occupy energetic dogs. And if your dog is one that prefers to just hang out and watch its surroundings, the goats, horses, and barn cats provide entertainment.....all included in the rates!

Our indoor kennels are larger than the outdoor kennels at most other facilities!

Our philosophy is that if we keep your pup physically and mentally stimulated, that the time will pass quickly for them until you return to pick them up! We always like it when we are told that the pups were tired after they returned home. So much better than pent-up caged energy!

We do try to keep the noise level down, so that dog psyches aren't stressed. This will mean moving dogs so that they are next to compatible personalities, reducing stimulation for excitable dogs, and making sure that each dog feels at home. We may not be 100% successful, but our lower boarder numbers make it possible. 

Since we are a breeding facility, we are very strict about your providing current shot records. In addition, you would bring their food & treats. We will provide, clean blankets, feed bowls and water buckets. We use Diamond Naturals kibble with a topping of crumbled moist Natural Balance tubes  in our kennel, and will supply it for an extra charge, if you prefer.  Just let us know what works for you!