We started breeding standard-sized Rat Terrier puppies in 2015. We saw a need to breed a smart, sane, easily trainable, energetic but laid-back, medium sized family dogs that were  loyal human companions, with short hair. Our puppies have exceeded our expectations and we have puppy-buyers who would be happy to talk to you about how their puppies have adapted to their families.

Our puppies now live on the East Coast in NYC, on the West Coast in Oregon and California, and are scattered in Montana, Colorado, Georgia, Ohio, Michigan, South and North Dakota, Nebraska, Idaho, and of course Wyoming. They have become city apartment dogs, ranch dogs, household pets, small-game hunting dogs, human companions, office mascots, outdoor and indoor buddies, and true family members. They are nothing if not adaptable!

At the moment we have two male stud dogs, Ivan and Riddle.  Hurricanedeck's Ivan is an 18 pound tri-colored piebald muscled boy with a super sweet personality, loves snuggles, but will run all day behind the horses on a camping trip. Ivan has an ego, thinks he's bigger than he is, and makes a good early warning system!  Jacaranda's Riddle is a sweetie too, approximately 25 lbs, with an orange and dark brown blanket back. He too loves attention, and doesn't like to be left out of anything!

We have five females.  Penny is our largest dog, at 32 lbs. She has Decker breeding, is a dark tuxedo, loves to hunt little critters, and snuggle on the couch.  She has had several litters with Ivan. In general, the pups are smaller than she is, and VERY athletic. A few of Penny's pups would excel as hunters, all have a strong bond with "their" humans, and would make great agility dogs. Penny will have a litter in February. 

Jazz is one of Ivan's and Lil Ranchin Peaches' daughters. She and Riddle are due to have their first litter arrive in days. Jazz is a tricolor, a very sweet, accepting and smart girl, looks like a larger version of Ivan,  

Jacaranda's Bobbin @ Alcova is a 23 lb tricolor piebald, and Riddle's daughter. She too is super athletic, looks like she lifts weights, can easily jump into your arms for attention. We plan to have a Bobbin/Ivan litter later this year.

Jacaranda's Tracy @ Alcova is a cute leggy tricolor piebald girl with button ears, who is very shy, still learning to trust us. She is coming out of her shell, but may always be a bit spooky. Regardless, she is smart and sensitive, and we are looking forward to seeing her relax her guard. We plan a Tracy/Ivan litter in 2019

Jacaranda's Taffy @ Alcova is a blanket-backed tricolor girl, sassy and spunky, will explore anywhere, any time. She is a much more dominant girl than her litter-mate Tracy. She does have a voice, and knows how to use it! Quite the chatterbox..... We also plan a Taffy/Ivan litter in 2019.